During your appointment

Going to the doctor's office makes some people anxious.  We want you to feel comfortable here at Blue River Family Medicine, so we're going to tell you what you can expect at a typical visit.


When you first enter our office, you'll be greeted by our friendly front office staff.  If you've not already done so, they will ask you to complete some paperwork that includes your demographic and insurance information and a health history.  They will ask to take a copy of your insurance card and driver's license.  They'll ask you to take a seat in the waiting room until the nurse calls you back.

Nurse check-in

A nurse will call you back from the waiting room.  Most of the time, you'll have to stop at the scale first to get a current weight.  Next, you'll go into an exam room and the nurse will get some information about the reason for your visit.  You'll probably have your blood pressure taken and possibly some other vital signs like pulse or temperature.  The nurse will then leave to let your doctor know you're ready to be seen.

Annual physical

The doctor will probably want you to have some lab work done prior to an annual physical.  You can then discuss the results of those tests at your visit.  Your doctor will ask you about any problems or concerns you are currently having.  He/she will conduct a physical exam including listening to your heart and lungs and focusing on any areas of concern.  He/she will talk with about your health and make recommendations for how you might improve your overall well-being and address your questions.  If needed, the doctor will make referrals to other doctors or healthcare facilities for additional visits or tests.  An annual physical visit usually take 45 minutes to an hour.

Well child visit

A well child visit is like a physical for an adult, but it may happen more often than annually, especially when the child is very young.  Children don't usually have blood work done prior to a visit.  The child will be weighed and have their height measured at each visit.  Height and weight will be plotted on a growth chart to see how the child's growth compares to children of the same age and to make sure the child is continuing to grow at an appropriate rate.  If needed, vaccinations will be given at a well child visit following the recommendations of your doctor.

Woman's annual exam

A woman's annual exam is a physical that also includes a gynecological exam.  Your doctor will perform a pelvic exam and possibly a pap smear to check for any issues with your reproductive organs.  He/she will perform a breast-exam to check for any lumps or discharge.