Dr. Del Rey, M.D.

Family Medicine

Dr. Rey graduated from Kansas University Medical School in 2003. He then went to residency training at Wesley Family Medical center, where he completed training in 2006. After that, he went into private practice at Family MedCenters from 2006 until 2019 in the greater Wichita area. Dr. Rey started the practice at Family MedCenters from the ground up and thoroughly enjoyed building a thriving practice from scratch.

In his spare time Dr. Rey enjoys spending time with his family. They spend a great deal of time at pools as the children swim competitively and have swum in major competitions over a large part of the country.  Dr. Rey loves sports in general and likes to be physically active. He has completed the Pikes Peak Ascent and or Pike’s Peak marathon a total of 9 times.

Dr. Rey looks forward to becoming a part of the Manhattan area and serving the needs of the people here.